Man, Angry, Furious, Shouting, Phone Call

Grumpy People Live Longer And Earn More Money Than Positive People

Sometimes it pays to be a grouch.
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Pizza, Delivery, Box, Wooden Table

Delivery Driver Travels 450 Miles To Deliver Man In Hospice Care His Favorite Pizza

When Julie and Rich Morgan lived in Battle Creek, Michigan, they would stop by Steve's Pizza every single payday for dinner
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Rich, Wealthy, Man, Wine, Fancy Suit, Downtown, Balcony

Want To Become Wealthy? Might Want To Avoid These Type Of People.

Author Thomas C. Corley hung out with the upper elite for five years to research the daily habits of the rich and wealthy.
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Hooters, Restaurant, Interior, Brick Wall

Hooters Are Closing Because Millennials Don't Like Boobs

It's always Millennials' fault.
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Pickle Juice Slushes Are Coming To A Sonic Near You

Like it or not, Pickle Juice Slushes are coming to a Sonic Drive-In near you.
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63 Sam's Club Stores Suddenly Closing Nationwide

We have the full list.
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Diet Coke Has A Completely Different Look And 4 New Flavors

Diet Coke is definitely getting prettier.
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Paris Hilton Engaged & Showing Off $2 Million Ring

Chris Zylka finally popped the question: and ponied-up for the ring!
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