Steve-O Reveals He Still Doesn’t Have A Contract To Appear In ‘Jackass 4’

The return of ‘Jackass’ is still over a year away, yet fans are already gearing up to see what kind of shocking stunts the crew has in store this time around. However, for fans hoping to see the entire crew back together, one of the most beloved cast members is saying not so fast.
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Cast of Jackass 3D

A Fourth ‘Jackass’ Movie Is Set For Release In 2021

Paramount Studios announced that a fourth Jackass would be released in March of 2021.
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johnny knoxville

Paramount Announces 4th 'Jackass' Film In The Works

It looks like Johnny Knoxville and the rest are getting back into their old ways.
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eddie murphy

'Beverly Hills Cop 4' In The Works Thanks To Netflix

It's been 25 years since we last saw Axel Foley in action.
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Paramount Is Working On A Reboot Of The Cult Classic ‘Face/Off’

It seems today the only movies that get made are reboots and sequels. That’s why many were not surprised when it was announced on Tuesday that Paramount Pictures will be rebooting the cult classic film, ‘Face/off.’
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Paramount And Hasbro Announce A New G.I. Joe Movie Is In The Works

An 80’s classic is making its way back to movie theaters, and this time they’re guaranteeing chuckles. Paramount and Hasbro recently announced they are developing a new G.I. Joe movie, separate from the ‘Snake-Eyes’ movie already in the works.
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‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Director Promises Changes After Trailer Criticized

When the trailer for the upcoming “Sonic the Hedgehog” movie was released earlier this week, many expected it to become an instant hit. Instead it was met with widespread criticism, with many complaining about Sonic’s CGI look.
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