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John Krasinski Had A Mini ‘The Office’ Reunion With Steve Carell For Show’s 15th Anniversary

It has been 15 years since ‘The Office’ first premiered in the United States, and while the show has been off the air since 2013, fans are still watching the show, possibly more than ever before. For fans hoping to see the gang back together one day, they got a mini reunion recently as John...
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James Gandolfini Almost Became The Boss On ‘The Office’ When Steve Carell Left The Show

When Steve Carell left ‘The Office,’ many fans wondered how the show would go on without him. While there were still plenty of hilarious moments, many felt the show was never the same once Michael Scott left. However, as a new book about the show reveals, things could have been very different, as...
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John Legend And Chrissy Teigen Made Up Theme Song Lyrics During Online Quarantine Concert

With many people around the country quarantined in their homes, many are looking for activities to keep themselves and those online occupied. Luckily, many celebrities are continuing to keep the world entertained, and John Legend and Chrissy Teigen recently decided to do their part with a live...
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Fans Of ‘The Office’ Can Make $1,000 By Watching 15 Hours Of The Show

When times are tough, people often look for quick and easy ways to make money. While usually these types of jobs don’t exist, now there’s a company offering up money for a task that would please any fan of ‘The Office.’
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Kevin From ‘The Office’ Shares His Famous Chili Recipe From The Show For National Chili Day

Every fan of ‘The Office’ has a favorite moment from the iconic show. For some it’s a Jim and Pam moment, for others it’s an uncomfortable Michael moment, but for many it’s the scene where Kevin drops chili all over the floor and himself.
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Michael Scott Goes to Elementary School In New ‘The Office’ Children’s Book

‘The Office’ has been off the air since 2013, but has seen resurgence in popularity over the last few years thanks to Netflix. Now, the hit series is looking to gain a new generation of viewers with its latest idea based around the show.
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Jenna Fischer Reveals What Was Written On The Note Jim Gave Pam In The Final Season Of ‘The Office’

Since the show ended in 2013, fans of ‘The Office’ have received answers to most of their unanswered questions from the series. However, there has been one question on everyone’s mind that to this point had gone unresolved; what was written on the note Jim gave Pam.
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Rainn Wilson and John Krasinski

Jenna Fischer & Angela Kinsey Say This Hilarious Office Cold Open Scene Was An Accident

One of the funniest pranks Jim ever pulled on Dwight on 'The Office' was a complete accident according to Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey.
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John Krasinski Shares Photo Of Mini Reunion With ‘The Office’ Co-Star Brian Baumgartner

Just like the cast of ‘Friends,’ it seems the cast of ‘The Office’ really enjoys teasing fans with the possibility of a reunion. As the two hit sitcoms continue to be as popular as ever, cast members sharing recent encounters with each other keep fans screaming for show reunions.
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Local Dallas Bar Will Turn Into 'The Office' This Month

Next week, The Whippersnapper, a known Dallas bar in the Knox-Henderson area, will transform into Dunder Mifflin for over a month.
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