College Girl Thinks Ghost Has Been Stealing Her Clothes Turns Out It Was Just The Guy In Her Closet

If personal items of yours have been disappearing lately, it might not be that mischevious ghost you think is living in your attic or closet.
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 Cowboy Boot Roller Blades

Ever Seen Cowboy Boot Roller Blades?

Ok, we are really, really, really, hoping cowboy boot roller blades are NOT a thing. In fact, they seem dangerous.
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Pink Bluebonnets

Who Knew Texas Had Pink Bluebonnets???

Isn't it funny how you can live in Texas your entire life and just now discover pink bluebonnets! Who knew???
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Creeper in Bunny Suit

Check Out The Creepiest Easter Bunny Pics Of All Time

Move over Santa, there's a new creeper in town.
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Texas Woman Defecates Inside Police Cruiser to Hide Drugs

Well here's a headline you don't read often.
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New Study Says Chemical in McDonald's Fries May Cure Baldness

The same silicone that helps hair regrow has been found in McDonald's fries stop cooking oil from frothing.
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United Airlines Accepts Man's 19-Year-Old Plane Ticket

The man found the unused ticket in a box under his bed.
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'Sexy' Kangaroo Blocks Tourist From Using the Restroom, Goes Viral

This isn't a usual road block.
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Getting Rid of Your Chistmas Tree? This Woman in Flower Mound Could Take It to Feed Her Camels

Here's a unique way to discard of your Christmas tree!
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