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Dr. Pepper Donates Free Products to Nursing Home After Hearing Their Plea for Pen Pals

Dr. Pepper donated free products to a nursing home after hearing their plea for pen pals. The soft drink company sent cases of sodas to the senior citizens who live at Hillside Medical Lodge in Gatesville, Texas.
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Holocaust Survivor Returns Home After Battle With COVID-19

A Long Island woman, who survived the Holocaust, returned to her assisted living facility on Thursday after overcoming her battle with COVID-19.
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Woman Takes Job in Nursing Home to Be With Husband During COVID-19 Pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic, many Americans are feeling lonely and anxious. A wife took a job to see her husband in a nursing home during the coronavirus pandemic.
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Nursing Homes Will Face 'Enforcement Action' for Seizing Stimulus Checks From Seniors

The Federal Trade Commission warns nursing home residents that the assisted living facility cannot take your federal stimulus check. FTC reports some nursing homes allegedly stole checks.
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Over 25,000 Deaths from Coronavirus in Nursing Homes, Federal Report Shows

The federal government has counted all of the nursing home deaths since the coronavirus pandemic started. Officials have counted nearly 26,000 nursing home deaths from COVID-19.
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Nursing Home Residents Go Viral For Creating Human Version Of Hungry Hungry Hippos

Nursing home employees are always looking for activities to keep residents busy and active. Sometimes these attempts go viral in the most hilarious and adorable ways. The latest attempt does just that, as residents of a nursing home created a human version of Hungry Hungry Hippos.
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Holiday Inn Hotel

Texas Man Plans On Living At A Holiday Inn Instead Of A Nursing Home

A man from Spring, Texas posted on Facebook that he plans on spending his retirement with his wife at the Holiday Inn.
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Police Get A Call About Two Elderly Women Starting A Brawl At Bingo

Two elderly women started to dispute over a seat while during a game of Bingo.
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Elderly Gentleman Escape Nursing Home To Attend The World's Largest Heavy Metal Festival

Employees at a nursing home in Germany grew concerned when they had difficulty locating two of their residents.
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