Teenager Reels In Dinosaur Like Fish With Massive Eyes

While fishing off the coast of Norway, a teenager caught a strange looking fish.
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Norwegians Use The Word “Texas” As Slang For “Crazy”

If you ever tell someone from Norway you’re from Texas, they might think you’re a little bit crazy.
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Small European Island Wants To Ban The Concept Of Time

The citizens of the small Norwegian island of Sommaroy don't experience time like the rest of us.
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Norwegian Police Force Arrests The Night King From Game Of Thrones

The Night King may be sending fear throughout Westeros, but the Game of Thrones villain was no match for the Norwegian police. The fifth division of the Trondheim police force posted photos to their Facebook page of the Night King being taken to jail.
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[VIDEOS] Passengers Rescued After Cruise Ship Suffers Engine Failure Off Norway Coast

I hope everyone is okay!
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Norway Opens The World's Most Beautiful Public Restroom

Norway may have just built the most beautiful public restroom in the world.
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Norway's Curling Team Stole the Show with Their Valentines Day Pants

Though the team lost to Japan, their pants were on point. Inspired by Valentines Day, Norway's curling team sported bright red and pink pants with hearts scattered all over on Valentines day. The team competed in these bright red beauties and stole the hearts from people all over the world. The...
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Winter Olympics Athlete Robert Johansson's Mustache Is 'The Talk' In Pyeongchang

Besides the guy from Toga who was shirtless and oily at the Opening Ceremonies in Rio 2016 and Pyeongchang 2018, Ski Jumper Robert Johansson might be the next star, because of his stache. Johansson, 27, of Norway has had tons of compliments about the stache! He won the Bronze medal in the normal...
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