Starbucks Baristas Declare War on New Tie Dye Frappuccino

This week Starbucks just rolled out it's new summer frappuccino and baristas everywhere are pleaing for people not to order it.
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Male, Lie Detector, Polygraph, Computer

Bride Demands Bridesmaids Take Lie Detector To Find Who Leaked Wedding Details

Weddings are a very important moment for you. We get it.
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Business People, Waiting, Elevator

53-Year-Old Manhattan Woman Gets Trapped In An Elevator For An Entire Weekend

This is truly a nightmare come to life.
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Homeowners Association Requires Residents To Keep Their Garage Doors Open, Or Face $200 Fine

Garage doors must be kept open during the week all day long from 8am to 4pm, as a response to a resident allowing someone to live in their garage.
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