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Photo Credit: PA Images/Sipa USA

KFC Fried Chicken-Scented Firelogs: Now At Your Local Walmart

DRUMSTICKS roasting on an open fire?
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See Monstrous Hairy Spider Chow Down On A Possum

You'll be either fascinated...or horrified.
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West Virginia High School Teacher Arrested For Soliciting Drugs To Students

People are crazy!
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[VIDEO] Californian Fisherman Dives In To Catch Large Halibut After Getting Unhooked

What an impressive save!
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[PHOTO] Employee From Burger King Helps An Elderly Man Walk To His Car

Humanity restored
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[PHOTO] Dutch Man In Court To Fight Lowering His Age By 20 Years For Tinder Purposes

Uhhh.... not sure how I feel about this.
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82-Year-Old Grand Prairie Native Votes For The First Time, Dies Days After

At least she voted before passing
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Photo Credit: Dreamstime

People Are Baffled About Mysterious "Werewolf" Creature

Even wildlife officials don't know what this thing is.
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