post office

USPS Will Release Fundraising Stamp for PTSD

Last week, it was announced that the USPS will be releasing a new stamp next month.
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Carrie Fisher

Apparently Carrie Fisher Was Supposed To Be The 'Last Jedi' In The Upcoming Ninth 'Star Wars' Film

Thanks to Carrie Fisher's brother Todd Fisher, new details about her role in the upcoming 9th ''Star Wars'' film have been revealed.
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Twix Flavored Popcorn Is Here to Satisfy Your Salty and Sweet Cravings

After the success of Candy Pop's Butterfinger popcorn, the snack company released their newest concoction.
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California Passes 'Roadkill Bill' Making It Legal To Eat Roadkill

Have you ever seen a dead animal on the side of the road and worry that it's going to waste and no one's gonna eat it?
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Apparently Someone Changed The 'ABC' Song And No One Is Happy About It

You know that phrase "if ain't broke don't fix it"?
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toni cornell

Chris Cornell's Daughter Releases First Original Single

The 15 year old daughter of Chris Cornell, Toni Cornell just recently released her first single.
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Casio Releases Gorillaz G-Shock Watch Series

G-Shock recently announced they are releasing a new line of watches this year with Gorillaz designs.
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Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. Can Talk To Animals In New Trailer For ‘Dolittle’

Robert Downey Jr. stars in the upcoming movie ‘Dolittle’.
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"Rumor Has It" Adele Will Drop A New Single Next Week

Fans this week are beginning to wonder if Adele is about to release a new single in the near future.
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foo fighters

Foo Fighters Release A Surprise EP

At the end of September, we were all surprised with an EP from the Foo Fighters titled "01070725".
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