Incredible Video From BBC Earth Shows One Male Lion Stand Up To A Pack Of 20 Hyenas

Let's be honest for a second here, there's a reason why the lion is called the king of the jungle.
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Gender Reveal Party Results In Gigantic Wildfire

Let's be honest, since the fad started, gender reveal parties seem to keep getting crazier and over the top.
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Fur Seal, Sea Lion, Sunbathing

Annoyed Seal Slaps Kayaker In The Face With An Octopus

Before we begin, we just want to make it clear we 100% stand behind the seal in the situation.
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Crazy Footage Of Ants Attacking Wasp Nest By Forming A Hanging Bridge

A video of army ants working together to attack a giant wasp nest is going viral on Twitter this week.
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Best Places To Hike In Dallas-Fort Worth

It's still summer time and tons of people love to go hiking. Yes, it may be hot outside, but enjoying nature can bring peace to your mind. If you are looking for places to hike, here are the five best places around the DFW area: CEDAR RIDGE PRESERVE 7171 Mountain Creek Parkway, Dallas LAKE...
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While Checking Her Garden Woman Gets Eaten By Python

While checking on her vegetable garden, a woman in Indonesia was swallowed by a 23 foot long python.
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Roasting Marshmallows, Fire

U.S. Geological Survey Warns Not To Roast Marshmallows Over Erupting Volcano Flames

According to the United States Geological Survey, roasting marshmallows oven erupting volcano flames is a bad idea, and you shouldn't do it.
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Eagle Snatches Up A Rabbit Right Out Of A Foxes Mouth

A photographer captured amazing footage of an eagle and fox fighting over a rabbit.
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Beach, Summer, Water, Waves, Sand

Bioluminescent Algae Causes Beach Waves To Glow Incredible Neon Blue

The phenomenon occurs every five years which, according to scientist and bioluminescence expert Michael Latz, is due to increased numbers of dinoflagellates, each cell of which contains sunscreen, which causes the plankton to glow neon blue at night.
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Photo Credit: Dreamstime

Watch As A Bobcat Battles A Rattlesnake To The Death

It's easy to understand why this video has just gone viral!
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