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Prince Toxicology Report Reveals "Exceedingly High" Amount Of Fentanyl

Toxicology Report Reveals "Exceedingly High" Amount Of Fentanyl In Prince Upon Death
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World's First David Bowie Statue Unveiled In Town Ziggy Stardust Debuted

Last Sunday, the town of Aylesbury, England erected the world's first statue of the late David Bowie. Bowie debuted his persona Ziggy Stardust at a gig in Aylesbury in 1972.
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Jack's Nine @ 9, March 26, 1986

March 26
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Jack's Nine @ 9, '90s Movie Soundtracks

Friday, March 23
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Rod Stewart Calls Elton John's Retirement Tour "Dishonest; It's Not Rock And Roll"

Rod Stewart had some pretty harsh words for longtime friend Elton John's retirement tour announcement. Stewart appeared Wednesday on Watch What Happens Live , and said that when John announced the three-year global goodbye tour, he emailed him and wrote "What, again, dear? And I didn’t hear...
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Michael Stipe, REM,

Jack's Nine @ 9, March 22, 1988

Thursday, March 22
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Jack's Nine @ 9, National Countdown Day

Wednesday, March 21
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These Are Definitely ALL Of Your "Deep Thoughts" From The '80s

Tons of people had fun exploring their "deep thoughts," like the stores we used to shop in, to always remember to "be kind rewind," and how the Sony Walkman is the greatest invention ever.
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Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton Failed To Recognize Gwen Stefani's Most Popular Song

Blake Shelton appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night where the pair played a round of "Name That Song."
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Jack's Nine @ 9, March 20, 1980

Tuesday, March 20
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