Bruce Springsteen, Young, 1984

Jack's Nine @ 9, April 16, 1985

Monday, April 16
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Music Festival, Concert, Audience

"Yodel Kid" Performs To Standing Ovation At Coachella (Video)

Mason Ramsey captured hearts all across America after video of him yodeling inside his local Wal Mart in Harrisburg, Illinois went viral.
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Madonna, Singer, Music

Jack's Nine@ 9, April 13, 1989

Friday, April 13
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Def Leppard, Joe Elliot

Jack's Nine @ 9, Rock 'n Roll

Thursday, April 12
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Music, Record Player, Vinyl, Records

Teacher Bans Phones During Midterms, So Student Brings A Record Player To Listen To Music

The school year is nearing its end, so there's no doubt students across the country are beginning to stress over midterm exams.
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Chris Robinson, The Black Crowes

Jack's Nine @ 9, April 11, 1991

Wednesday, April 11
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Stevie Wonder

Jack's Nine @ 9, April 10, 1977

Tuesday, April 10
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Music Festival, Crowd, Audience

Woman Taking Selfie Catches Man Slipping Something Into Her Drink (Video)

A woman was enjoying her day at a music festival with some friends when she started recording a video selfie with her phone.
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Huey Lewis

Jack's Nine @ 9, April 9, 1982

Monday, April 9
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Cyndi Lauper

Jack's Nine @ 9, April 6, 1984

Friday, April 6
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