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Is This Movie Marquee From 2019 Or The 1990s?

History has the tendency to repeat itself, and there are few places that apply more than the entertainment industry.
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Movie Theater In Plano Offers Bottomless Wine And Is Dog Friendly

There's a new business in Plano that not only caters to dog lovers, but wine lovers as well.
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Dog at the theater

A Movie Theater Made Just For Dogs Is Now Open In Plano

This movie theater in Plano was made just so you can take your dog to see a movie together and its now open.
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MoviePass Parent Company Under Investigation For Fraud

It really is true. What seems too good to be true, usually is.
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The Coyote Drive-In Theater In Lewisville Has Closed

The Coyote Drive-In posted on their Facebook page that they are not showing films at this time.
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Arcade coming to Garland

"Strike and Reel" Movie Theater, Bowling Alley & Arcade Coming To Garland

The 90,000 sq.ft. entertainment venue "Strike and Reel", with a movie theater, restaurants, video games and other attractions within the bowling area, is coming to Garland!
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Frisco Is Getting An Alamo Draft House With A Video Rental Store

Alamo Draft House announced that it will open a new location near the Star in Frisco
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Moviepass to Nix Unlimited Viewings Feature for New Subscribers

The change comes as the film subscription service announced it will be tightening plans.
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Dog With Popcorn And Drink

Movie Theater is Letting You Bring Your Dog to a Screening of The Isle of Dogs

You and your furry best friend can attend a BYOD (Bring Your Own Dog) screening, of the Isle of Dogs. The Roxie theater in San Francisco is offering a special screening of Texas native, Wes Anderson's new stop motion film the Isle of Dogs. The theater sent out a press release of detailing the event...
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Cinemark Theaters Announce Large Bags Will Be Banned Starting This Week

Starting this week, people will no longer be allowed to bring large bags into Cinemark theaters. Cinemark's website states that they are banning packages or bags that measure larger than 12" x 12" x 6". Which would be equal to a large bag. The only exceptions to this rule will be medical bags and...
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