NASA Says A Woman Will Likely Be The First Person On Mars

Men may be from Mars, but a woman may just be the first person on the red planet. The head of NASA was being interviewed last week when he said most likely a female would be the first person to step foot on Mars.
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2019 Will Be Bringing A Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse To The Night Sky

With New Year’s Eve upon us, it is time to start saying goodbye to 2018, and hello to 2019. Next year will be starting off with a bang, with a rare spectacle in the sky. While this past year brought us a rare solar eclipse, and a number of beautiful moon visuals, 2019 is starting off with a great...
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NASA Announces An Asteroid Will Pass Earth At A Distance Closer Than The Moon

An Asteroid is heading straight for Earth! Well not really, but it will be very close. NASA announced Friday that an asteroid will safely pass right by our planet on Saturday. The asteroid, dubbed 2018 XV1 is expected to reach a close approach of 237,000 miles.
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The Moon To Soon Have Mobile Data Network Installed

Did you know the most common complaints from astronauts is the terrible wireless service on the moon?
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Ever Wonder How Much Trash We've Left On The Moon Over The Years?

Yes, it's true. The moon is covered in space trash. Ok, ok, not "trash" but a lot of stuff that NASA had to leave behind. And it's not just any's expensive trash. By today's standards around $100,000,000,000 worth of space stuff.
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