Long Tailed Monkey

Monkey Photobombs Family Picture, Flips Them The Bird

A family from Queensland, Australia will never forget the time they visited Bali, India.
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[Video] This Chimpanzee Uses Instagram Like A Pro

Modern technology is so simple, even a monkey could use it. A video has gone viral showing a chimpanzee scrolling through Instagram like a pro. For anyone who struggles using social media, don’t worry this video will give you hope
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Bus Driver Put On Leave For Letting A Monkey Steer The Wheel

A bus driver in India loves animals so much he let a monkey take the wheel.
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Capuchin Monkey

Man Was Arrested With His Monkey After Stealing A Car

Police in Florida arrested a man after he crashed a car, when the man stepped out his monkey was clinging on to his shirt.
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Rhesus Macaque, Monkey

Monkey Escapes Cage And Runs Wild At San Antonio Airport

Passengers traveling through the San Antonio International Airport were treated to a series of comical events yesterday after a monkey escaped from its cage and ran wild through the airport.
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