What Are the Differences Between the $2,000 and the $1,200 Stimulus Checks?

Millions of Americans have received their coronavirus stimulus payments, but will you earn more money? Read more on what is the difference between the $2,000 and $1,200 stimulus checks.
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Who's Next in Line to Receive Their Stimulus Checks?

Millions of Americans received their coronavirus stimulus payments, but many may still be waiting for that money to arrive. Who is next in line to receive their stimulus checks?
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Was Your Coronavirus Stimulus Check Deposited Into the Wrong Bank Account?

Was your coronavirus stimulus check deposited into the wrong bank account? Many people across the United States have reported this problem. Here is how you can check.
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Man Waiting for $1,700 Stimulus Check Sees Millions in His Bank Account

As people continue to deal with COVID-19, the first federal stimulus checks are on the way for Americans. A man from Indiana waiting for his $1,700 stimulus check saw millions in his bank account.
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Working Mom Receives $9 Paycheck After Bartending for More Than 70 Hours

A working mother from Texas shared a video that has gotten people talking about pay among waitstaff and bartenders. The mother received a $9 paycheck after bartending for more than 70 hours.
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Man In Kansas City Offering $25K To Anyone That Finds Him A Girlfriend

How far would you go to find love?
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Man Returns $43,000 He Found Inside Thrift Store Couch

A man finds $43,000 inside a used couch he bought at a secondhand store. He returns all the money back to its original owner.
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taco bell

You Can Now Earn A Six Figure Salary Working At Taco Bell

If you're in the market for a new career, then you might want to consider working at Taco Bell.
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Bank Accidentally Deposits $37 Million into Texas Woman’s Account

Many of us would like to be a millionaire one day, but for a Texas woman that wish came to fruition a little too literally. After finishing work at Roma Boots in Dallas, Ruth Balloon checked her bank account and, to her surprise, found that she was suddenly a multi-millionaire. Bank mistakenly puts...
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Texas Bank Accidentally Deposits $37 Million In Woman's Account

A Dallas woman went to the bank to deposit cash into her account, she then checks her account later and what it says shocks her!
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