Wedding in Minnesota Linked to 70 Coronavirus Cases

A summer wedding in southwest Minnesota has been linked to an outbreak of coronavirus of at least 70 coronavirus cases. The reception took place in Ghent, Minnesota.
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“Labor Inducer” Burger Has Pregnant Women Heading To Minnesota Restaurant

Almost every burger place around the country has something their burgers are known for. In every state there’s a burger chain that claims to be the biggest, the best, or the craziest burger in town, but a new burger in Minnesota is attempting to stake a new claim.
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Steven Tyler Gives Festival Goers A Piece of His Mind

Anyone that’s been to a concert has probably been told they were a part of the best crowd ever. Most performers will shout this out to a crowd to get them excited, but there’s no way it can be true.
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[VIDEO] Fourth Grader Almost Got Hit After A Driver Fails To Stop During Bus Stop Routine

My goodness people!!
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Police Called To Minnesota Neighborhood Because People Thought Cardboard Cutout Was A Random Motionless Man Holding A Pillow

When police officers in Jordan, Minnesota received a call about a motionless man standing in the cold, they prepared for the worst.
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[VIDEO] #FrozenPantsChallenge Goes Viral After A Girl Tosses Pants In The Minus 50 Degree Weather

This is intense!
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Prince, Concert, Guitar, Black and White, 1981

Prince's Paisley Park Teams With Minneapolis Public Schools To Provide Students Free Music Education

Paisley Park served as the home and studio for Prince.
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Exhaust pipe

Girl Gets Her Head Stuck In An Exhaust Pipe At A County Music Festival

The fire department was called out in order to free the teens head from the exhaust pipe.
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Raccoon, Face, Outdoors

Daredevil Raccoon Scales Skyscraper 200 Feet Above Street Level

A raccoon has captured the country's attention after its daredevil climb of a St. Paul, Minnesota office building into the early hours of the morning.
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Woman's Children Write The Most Savage Obituary Ever

Usually when people die, people always do their best to describe the best qualities about them while they were alive. However for this woman from Minnesota, that doesn't seem to be the case at all.
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