Nine Years After Sending A Message In A Bottle, Teen Gets A Letter Back

A 19 year old student from Suffolk University is having a pretty surreal moment.
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Demi Lovato Breaks Her Silence After Her Possible Overdose

25-year-old singer Demi Lovato has broken her silence after her possible overdose that happened last month. She shared a message through her Instagram on Sunday, thanking her fans, family, label company and hospital staff for treating her during this tough time. She says, "I want to thank God for...
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amazon package

Amazon Delivery Guy Obeys Front Door Mat, Hides Package From The Husband In The Bushes

The best video ever.
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City In Florida Accidently Sent Out A Zombie Alert During A Power Outage

A push notification was sent to Florida residents warning them of zombies.
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The Most Popular Emojis To Be Used On Tinder During Valentine's Day

People who use emojis tend to have more "fulfilling" relationships, go on more dates, and are two times more likely to get married than non-emoji users.
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