Crowded Grocery Store

Video Shows A Fight Broke Out Between Two Shoppers At A Sam’s Club

According to officials in Atlanta, Georgia, one shopper bumped another shopper's car in the aisles of Sam's Club; the two then started to hit each other with wine bottles.
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Watch: Amish Men Lift And Carry A Barn Across A Farm

When the Amish claim they do all their work by hand, they really aren't kidding.
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Portrait, Male, Face, Beard

Study Finds Men With Beards Found To Have More Germs Than Dogs

If you want to be free of germs, science has found that you should probably start by shaving the beard.
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A Couple

Study Shows That Break-Ups Hurt Men More Emotionaly Than Women

A new study in the UK suggests that men do not fare well when it comes to the end of a relationship.
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Fridge full of beer

After Flood Waters Receded, Two Men Found A Mini-Fridge In A Field Full Of Beer

Two men in Nebraska stumbled upon a mini fridge in the middle of a field stocked full of cold beer.
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A Man's Career Can Be In Jeopardy If He's Too Handsome, Study Says

Wow, this is interesting..
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Couple, Eating, Breakfast

People In Relationships Gain An Average Of 36 Pounds In "Love Weight"

If you've been in a happy relationship for a while and have noticed your pants are just a smidge tighter, you're not the only one.
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Bras, Underwear, Red, Shopping, Rack

You Can Now Buy Lacy Bras And Lingerie For Men!

Ever look at your wife or girlfriend wearing lingerie and think to yourself...."Man, I would look good in that.?"
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Men, Guys, Cell Phone, Texting

Group Of Men Duped By Woman On Tinder Into Massive Live Dating Competition

It all started with an innocent swipe right on Tinder, as most love connections these days do.
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Metal, Rock, Concert, Devil Horns

Elderly Gentleman Escape Nursing Home To Attend The World's Largest Heavy Metal Festival

Employees at a nursing home in Germany grew concerned when they had difficulty locating two of their residents.
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