Water Bottles, Plastic, Close Up

"Fiji Water Girl" Suing Fiji Water For "Unauthorized Use Of Her Likeness"

Everybody remembers Kelleth Cuthbert, right?
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Jamie Lee Curtis, Red Carpet, Golden Globe Awards, 2019

Jamie Lee Curtis Slams Fiji Water Girl: "I Specifically Moved Away"

Not everyone is happy with the most-unlikely celebrity to emerge from Sunday's Golden Globe Awards.
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Sandra Bullock's New Netflix Movie, 'Bird Box,' Inspired Fans On Social Media To Create The #BirdBoxChallenge

2019 is only a few hours old, and we already have our first internet challenge of the year. Due to the popularity of the Netflix film, ‘Bird Box,’ fans of the show have created the #birdboxchallenge.
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[PHOTO] Mom Closes CLEAN Living Room Until Thanksgiving

Calling all moms out there! What do you think about this?
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Girls Playing Tag

Did You Know That The Game Of TAG Actually Is An Acronym?

Raise your hand if you played Tag as a child? More than likely, all these years you thought the game of Tag was just tag, as in you run around a tag each other.
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Girl, Listening, Hand, Ear

Ok, So What Word Do YOU Hear, Laurel Or Yanny?

Ok, here we go again. What color is the dress? What color are these boots? We don't know how or why stuff like this becomes popular, but once again, we're faced with a quandary that will divide the office and probably families. First posted on Reddit, the latest viral meme confounding the internet...
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[VIDEO] The Internet Can't Get Enough of This Boy Yodeling Inside a Walmart

The video of the 10-year-old yodeling has gone viral since it was shared.
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Grumpy Cat Gets $710,000 In Copyright Lawsuit

It's been a three-year battle, but Grumpy Cat has won a copyright lawsuit that got this furry feline $710,000. Tabatha Bundesen, who's the owner of Grumpy Cat in which her pet went viral in 2012, created Grumpy Cat Limited. She signed with Grenade, a beverage company which later used the feline...
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