Marriage Proposal

A Little Girl Trips During a Marriage Proposal At Pumpkin Patch

A little girl walking and she trips on his leg, falling with all of her tiny pumpkins
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Mariage Proposal

Cops Pull Over A Woman Just So Her Boyfriend Could Propose

Police in Miami stepped in to help a boyfriend pop the question.
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Marriage Proposal Goes Viral

Marriage Proposal Goes Viral When Kid Decides To Pee In The Background

Marriage proposals are meant to be one of the most memorable moments of your life. And it is usually due to the creative ways of proposing and the level of romance!
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Man in Giant T-Rex Costume Proposes to Girlfriend During Marathon

How romantic.
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Marriage Proposal Photo Bombed By Dad

Dad Photo-bombs His Daughter's Marriage Proposal And It Goes Viral

After being together for two years, Levi Bliss thought it was time to take his relationship further with girlfriend Allison Barron and proposed to her over the weekend. What would have been a beautiful romantic moment, quickly turned into something much more humourous when Allison's father appeared...
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Guy's 'Heads up' Proposal Is Wholesome With a Happy Ending

Well this is a creative spin on a proposal!
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