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Baker Bakes Marijuana-Themed Birthday Cake After Mishearing "Moana"

A mother in Georgia called in to her local bakery for a custom birthday cake for her daughter.
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Snoop Dogg Is A Master Sushi Roller, Credits Previous Experience Rolling Joints

Snoop Dogg, believe it or not, has always maintained a level of skill in the kitchen.
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Thieves Break Into Pot Shop, Only Manage To Steal Oregano

A group of thieves in Oregon thought they made the big score.
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Giant Bundles Of Pot Wash Up On Post-Hurricane Florence Beaches

Talk about sea weed.
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Man Accidentally Texts Cop To Set Up Marijuana Deal

This might be the easiest open and shut case ever for the Fairfax County Police Department.
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Man Carrying Marijuana Plant Sprints Away After Walking Into Live News Shot (Video)

Police in Hoath, near Canterbury, England recently busted a major cannabis factory, operating from a Kent neighborhood cottage.
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Businesses Becoming More Desperate To Hire Start Accepting Pot Smokers

In California, a property company known as FPI Management, is desperately seeking to hire dozens of new employees. There are factories all over from New Hampshire to Michigan that need workers, and hotels all over Las Vegas have jobs they need filled. So in order to gain more of those employees...
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Las Vegas Airport Has Now Installed Marijuana Trash Bins

What you smoke in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Sorry, you can't bring your recreational drugs with you on the plane. 10 bright green "Amnesty Boxes" have been added around the Las Vegas McCarran Airport for tourists to leave behind any pot they my have in their possession before flying out. According to...
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Girl Scout Sells 300 Boxes Of Cookies After Setting Up Outside Of Marijuana Dispensary

In the heated, cutthroat world of Girl Scout Cookie sales, the dominating factor of a good year or a bad year seems to be your location.
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Two Cops Were Suspended After Allegedly Ingesting Marijuana Edibles and Calling for Backup

Someone should turn this into a movie.
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