Texan Sends $50 To City In Utah For Stop Sign He Stole Years Ago

A Texas citizen mailed $50 anonymously to a city in Utah with a remorseful letter about how he stole a stop sign from them years ago as a teenager.
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Donald Trump

Teacher Returns A Letter To President Trump, Corrects All Grammatical Errors

Even the President of the United States isn't above the grammar police.
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Carrie Underwood Pens a Letter to Fans on Health and New Music

The singer updated fans on her health and announced a new single.
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Student Writes Heartwarming Letter to Teacher After Her Dog Passes Away

People shared their reactions to the touching letter as well.
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Resurfaced Letter Suggests Trio Of Alcatraz Prisoners Survived 1962 Escape And Swam To Safety

It is one of America's greatest unsolved mysteries. For now at least.
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