Legal Battle


Ross Valory And Steve Smith Fired From Journey After Legal Battle Over Band Name

There is major drama going on between band mates in Journey, and things are starting to get ugly. Earlier this week, Neal Schon And Jonathan Cain filed a lawsuit against Ross Valory and Steve Smith, accusing them of attempting to wrestle control of the band’s name.
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Tom Petty's Widow And Daughters End Legal Battle

Dana Petty and her daughters Adria and Annakim Petty have settled issues and are dropping the lawsuits against each other.
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Sofia Vergara Ordered By Judge to Pay Ex Almost $80,000 In Legal Fees

Sofia's ex-fiance wants to use the embryos him and Sofia planned to use for they wanted to have a baby when they were together but Sofia doesn't want him to use the embryos.
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[PHOTO] Dutch Man In Court To Fight Lowering His Age By 20 Years For Tinder Purposes

Uhhh.... not sure how I feel about this.
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