Job Calls To Live In Greek Island 'Paradise' And Caring For 55 Cats

I would say, this is for cat lovers
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Casino, Slot Machine, Woman

Woman Wins $300,000 Playing Slots While On A Conference Call With Work

We know that most people on conference calls probably aren't paying 100% attention to the conference call.
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Little Girl, Baby Goat, Cuddle

Farm Will Hire You To Cuddle With Baby Goats

Hux Family Farm is looking for volunteers to spend time with baby goats so from an early age, they can begin forming intimate bonds with humans.
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Woman Sleeping, Hugging Pillow

Get Paid To Sleep! Mattress Firm Looking To Hire A "Snoozetern"

When you look up the definition of "dream job" in the dictionary, you will find a picture of a Mattress Firm "snoozetern."
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Life Guard

Nudist Campground In Rhode Island Is Hiring

A Nudist campground is looking for a life guard for the summer season
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Amazon, Warehouse, Packages

Amazon Warehouse Employees Pee In Bottles In Order To Save Time

A former Amazon warehouse employee once said there was a culture of fear that they would get into trouble "for taking too long away from the job."
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How'd You Like To Have A Job As A 'Chicken Nugget Taste-Tester'?

British retailer B&M posted a job application recently looking for a "chicken nugget connoisseur."
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