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Man Shoots Himself In The Crotch After Putting Gun In His Pants

You know how guys are always holstering their hand gun in the front of their pants in movies and TV?
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Green Day, Concert, Billie Joe Armstrong, Singing

Jack's Nine @ 9, National Watch Day

Tuesday, June 19
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Janet Jackson, Singing, Concert

Jack's Nine @ 9, June 18, 1986

Monday, June 18
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Everclear, Art Alexakis

Jack's Nine @ 9, Father's Day

Friday, June 15
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The Workday Jack Attack 6.13.18

JT surprised Ali Barrett at Lemond Nutrition in Plano ! She won a pair of tickets to our Lost 80s Live Concert and a bunch of cool summer swag ! #Workday #JackAttack ! You could be next! Sign Up Here : https://bit.ly/2HwLY2R
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Rick Springfield, Concert, Singing, Guitar

Jack's Nine @ 9, June 14, 1981

Thursday, June 14
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Russian World Cup Workers Are Undergoing Smile Training

Ok, so we all know that Russia has a reputation for being a pretty serious place. So much so that it's been reported by the BBC that Russians don't smile as much as other Europeans.
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Nikki Sixx, Motley Crue, Bass

Jack's Nine @ 9, June 13, 1987

Wednesday, June 13
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Apparently Fish Sperm Is A Delicacy In Japan

Known as a delicacy in Japan, shirako or fish sperm, is making it's way to various restaurants in the U.S.
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This New Hampshire Whiskey Is Made With A Strange Ingredient

Ever heard of castoreum? Yeah neither had we until now and honestly, we wish we still didn't know what it is.
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