Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill Shaves Off His Mustache And Makes A Superman Joke On Instagram

Henry Cavill has shaved off his facial hair, and it's for real this time.
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Bluebonnet, Flower, Texas

The Latest Internet Trend Pretending To Poo On Bluebonnets Using The Poo Emoji

Bluebonnets, they’re the most beautiful flowers in Texas.
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Snapchat Called Out By Rihanna And Fans After Offensive Ad

Snapchat recently ran an ad which inappropriately featured the domestic violence incident with Chris Brown.
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100.3 Jack FM,Hasta Muerte Coffee,Shop,Co-Op,Employee,Owned,Oakland,Policy,Police,Cops,Refused Service,Officer,Uniform,Instagram,Safety,Coustomers

This Coffee Shop Refuses To Serve To Police Officers

Hasta Muerte Coffee, an employee owned co-op located in Oakland, has already turned away officers in uniform.
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Blake Lively's Daughter Thought Mom Forgot Her Pants When Leaving The House

Out of the mouth of babes. Seriously, you just can't make this stuff up.
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Will Smith Parodies His Son Jaden Smith In New Instagram Video

Just another reason to love Will Smith on social media!
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'Sex And The City's' Kim Cattrall & Sarah Jessica Parker Are In A Major Fight

This ain't pretty.
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Kim Kardashian Had Daughter North Take Topless Photo Of Her

Aaaand she's done it again, grabbing attention away from her sister Kylie I mean.
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Whataburger Offering Big Prize For Couples In Valentine's Contest

It's no secret people in Texas love Whataburger. But when people think of Whataburger, do they think of love? Well, Whataburger certainly thinks so with it's newest social media campaign in connection with Valentine's Day. The #WhataloveContest is looking for ''Whatacouples'' to share their fine...
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Bakery In San Antonio Brings You The 'Tide Pod' Pan Dulce

Because apparently it isn't yet obvious that you shouldn't be eating Tide Pods, a bakery in San Antonio found the need to introduce us to Tide Pod Pan Dulce! Cakes by Jandy just like the typical pan dulce, except that instead of that crusted candy on top being white... it is now blue and orange. A...
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