Hurricane Florence


Severe Mosquito Outbreak Hitting North Carolina After Hurricane

After Hurricane Florence came and went, residents of North Carolina thought things would begin to go back to normal.
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Hurricane Florence, Dogs, Coast Guard

Woman Arrested For Rescuing And Sheltering Pets From Hurricane Florence

Tammie Hedges was just trying to help those who couldn't help themselves.
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Photo Credit: Dreamstime

Giant Bundles Of Pot Wash Up On Post-Hurricane Florence Beaches

Talk about sea weed.
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Hurricane Florence, North Carolina, Flooded, Streets, Neighborhood

A Kitten Named "Survivor" Clings To Owner's Shoulder As They Escape Hurricane Florence

Robert Simmons Jr. was among the thousands trying to seek refuge from Hurricane Florence.
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[VIDEO] Weather Man Acts Dramatic During Hurricane While Two Guys Stroll By

This has the internet laughing!
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Everyone's Favorite Flag Waving Head Banger Lane Pittman Returns To Take On Hurricane Florence

Two years ago no one had a clue who Lane Pittman was. That is until he was filmed standing in the streets in Florida, staring down Hurrincane Matthew while holding an American flag and headbanging to Slayer.
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Jimmy Buffet

Jimmy Buffett Went Surfing While Everyone Was Evacuating In South Carolina

The Margaritaville singer took to the ocean the other day just to catch some waves.
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