[VIDEOS] Did You Miss Any Super Bowl Commercials? Here They Are

There is probably a few that you missed since you may have used the restroom, gotta make food, etc. No worries, I got you covered. Here are just a few from Super Bowl 52. https://www...
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[VIDEO] Eli Manning and Odell Beckham, Jr Might Have Won Best Commercial For Super Bowl

Everyone has been talking about the Dirty Dancing commercial with Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. both players from the New York Giants. Watch this awesome commercial spot. I think this is the winner for best commercial for the Super Bowl.
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Will Ferrell Reprises His Famous Role As George W. For His Return To 'SNL'

This weekend on 'SNL' we got to see Will Ferrell return to his beginnings on the long time running late night sketch show. And of course it wouldn't have been the same without his iconic role as former POTUS George W. Bush. Watch the clip below for the opening monologue!
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Cover Of New Vanity Fair Issue Is Freaking Out The Internet

The new Hollywood issue of Vanity Fair made it's debut this week, and the cover has Twitter confused over a certain detail in the picture.
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People Are Comparing the Fringe on Team USA's Uniform Gloves to a Popular '90s Film

Perhaps Ralph Lauren was inspired by this 1994 film?
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