Helicopter equipped with camera

Rooftop Weed Operation Exposed By ‘Tour of Spain’ Race Helicopter Camera

A helicopter camera broadcasting this month’s Vuelta a España. (Tour of Spain) bike race exposes a rooftop weed operation.
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Helicopter, Aerial Rescue, Blue Sky, Patient, Rescue Stretcher, Worker

Helicopter Rescue Doesn't Go As Planned As 74-Year-Old Victim Spins Uncontrollably In The Air

A helicopter rescue in Arizona didn't go exactly as planned yesterday.
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Helicopter, Crash, Recovery, New York, NYPD, Rescue, 2019

Helicopter Sent Into A Tailspin, Crash Lands Into New York's Hudson River

A helicopter had just refueled on the West Side of Manhatten yesterday afternoon when disaster struck.
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Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Trained In Grand Prairie For The Mission Impossible Helicopter Scene

Tom Cruise spent two years coming up with the crazy helicopter scene featured in the new Mission Impossible.
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Adam West and Burt Ward

Adam West’s 1966 Batcopter Still Works And You can Even Ride In It

You can take a ride in the Batman's 1966 Batcopter at the New Jersey State Fair.
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Collin County Sheriffs Respond to UFO Sighting

Sheriffs responded to a call about a UFO landing in a field over in Princeton.
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