[PHOTO] Grand Prairie Native Selena Gomez Looking 'Healthy' After Emotional Breakdown

She's doing well, happy and healthy.
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Big Mac, McDonald's, Hamburger, Black Background

McDonald's To Remove All Artificial Preservatives, Colors, And Flavors From Burgers

Finally, McDonald's is totally healthy.
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Salad, Bowl

12-Year-Old Calls 911 After Twice Being Served A Salad

You'd probably be hard-pressed to find another person who hates salads as much as this 12-year-old in Canada.
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Broccoli, Bowl, Wooden Table

Broccoli Coffee Is The Latest Health Trend Nobody Asked For

Australia is known for a few things. Kangaroos. Giant spiders. The Hemsworth brothers. And now, the broccolatte.
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Love Eating Pasta? Study Says It Won't Make You Fat

Are you trying to lose weight and watching what you eat, especially with carbs? Well a Canadian study says it may be good for your diet. "Carbohydrate staples such as pasta have been implicated in the obesity epidemic," says in a medical journal, BMJ Open. "It is unclear whether pasta contributes...
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