Grocery Shopping

Is It Time for Grocery Stores to Ban Customers From Going Inside?

Despite adhering to social distancing measures, grocery store workers are still finding themselves in close contact with the coronavirus amid the outbreak, leaving experts to wonder if it’s time for curbside pickup and delivery options only.
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Sam's Club Now To Be First Grocery Store Fully Operational Without Cashiers Or Checkout Lines

Dallas will soon be home to Sam's Club Now, the first store of its kind, which will be fully operational without cashiers or checkout lines.
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Shopping Carts, Organized, Return Area

Video Shows Bear Struggling WIth Shopping Cart In Return Area

One of life's biggest inconveniences is the stray shopping cart in the middle of the perfect parking spot.
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Costco, Storefront

Dispute About Free Cheese Sample Leads To Senior Citizens Fighting At Costco

A 70-year-old man was waiting in line for a free piece of cheese at a Costco in Greenville, South Carolina when a 72-year-old stranger "cut in line, took some cheese and walked off."
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