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Tony Romo

Tony Romo Gets Pranked With A Fake Snake Out On The Golf Course

Video of Tony Romo reacting to a fake snake on the golf course goes viral.
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411 Pound Wild Hog Spotted And Captured At Texas Golf Course

When a wild animal is spotted on a golf course, players usually just ignore it and continue playing. However, when that animal is 400 pounds, it’s difficult to ignore. A 411 pound wild hog was spotted on a Texas golf course last week.
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Stray Longhorn Seen Roaming A North Texas Golf Course

While out playing golf a father and son noticed a Longhorn had made its way out on the fairway.
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Alligator, Profile, Mouth Open

Massive Alligator Spotted On Florida Golf Course

His name is Chubbs.
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Alligator and Python Face Off on a Golf Course

There was a big fight that broke out on the 10th hole at a Florida golf course. An alligator and Burmese python were entangled in what was probably an epic fight. Photos were posted to social media of the show down, the two appeared to be perfectly still, not moving an inch. Bystanders who saw the...
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