411 Pound Wild Hog Spotted And Captured At Texas Golf Course

When a wild animal is spotted on a golf course, players usually just ignore it and continue playing. However, when that animal is 400 pounds, it’s difficult to ignore. A 411 pound wild hog was spotted on a Texas golf course last week.
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See Bobby Flay Attempt Somersault at Golf Tournament

Bobby Flay took a break from the kitchen this weekend to show off his impressive golfing skills. After he successfully executed a shot on the 7th hole, he celebrated with a somersault for the crowd. Flay spent the weekend competing in the American Century Championship’s celebrity tournament which...
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[Video] Alligator Eats Snake On Shore Of PGA Tournament

Nature can be pretty scary sometimes, especially when alligators are involved. During a professional golf tournament this week, an alligator emerged from the water looking for his next meal. Lucky for the gator, he saw a snake trying to sneak by.
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Tiger Woods Wins 2019 Masters Tournament

After years of uncertainty, Tiger Woods is back on top. The golfer won his fifth Masters title on Sunday, giving him his first win in a major tournament since 2008.
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1,000 'Dilly Dilly' Shirts Sent By Bud Light To Georgia After Masters Banned The Phrase

This weekend's Masters golf tournament is being hosted by the prestigious golf course Augusta National and apparently the phrase "Dilly Dilly'' is being banned from the tournament by course officials.
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Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Brings Huge Ratings to NBC

Wearing his trademark red and being followed by a huge gallery, Tiger Woods was one stroke away from winning a tournament over the weekend.
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Oregon Golf Course To Start Using Goats As Caddies

A representative from The Retreat & Links at Silvies Valley Ranch promises its visitors, "We will get you a caddie who really knows the course and won’t give you bad advice — and they work for peanuts!"
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Fan Yells During Tigers Back Swing on Putting Green

There's one basic rule when it comes to observing golf, please be quiet. Well one fan broke that rule while Tiger Woods was on the putting green. Mid way through the swing a fan can be heard yelling "Get in the Hole!" The putt was missed and the crowd as well as Tiger were upset. Fans can even be...
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