Parents Accidentally Left Their 5-Year-Old At The Airport

After coming home from vacation, parents realized they left something behind.
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On a Plane

Passenger Brought 20 Snakes On Board A Plane

A man was flying from Germany to Russia when it was discovered he had 20 snakes in his carry one.
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Baby Squirrel

Man Calls The Cops After Being Chased By A Squirrel

A man in Germany called the police after he was being chased down the street by a squirrel.
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circus elephant

Elephant In German Circus Pushes Another Elephant Into Crowd

An animal right's group has called for a ban on wild animals at circuses in Germany, after an Indian elephant veered off its scripted performance and headbutted another elephant into a shocked audience.
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Mexico, Soccer, Fans

Soccer Fans In Mexico Cause Artificial Earthquake Celebrating World Cup Goal

Mexico scored a huge victory over reigning World Cup Champion Germany Sunday, and even if you weren't watching the game, you most certainly felt it.
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Big Cats in a cage

Lions, Tigers and Bears Escaped From A Zoo

The Eifle Zoo in L√ľnebach, Germany had 4 different animals escape.
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[VIDEO] Planes Being Blown As They Attempt To Land At Germany's Dusseldorf Airport Pilots who were landing at Germany's Dusseldorf Airport were struggling because of strong winds. In the video, you can see planes attempting to land and some had to pick up the plane to do it over or making a land. You can hear those gusty winds...
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Burglar Nabbed After Falling Asleep On Couch In Middle Of Robbery

A family from Erfurt in Central Germany arrived home to find a strange man asleep on their couch, with a mess of their valuables resting right next to him.
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