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Here's A List Of The Cleanest Gas Station Restrooms In Each State

Hopefully this will help make your summer road trip a little bit nicer.
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Buc-ee's Heads To Court, Claims San Antonio Company Copied Logo

Every Texan's favorite restroom will soon be heading to court.
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Florida Man Assaulted A Gas Station Clerk With a Corn Dog

That's not what we do with corn dogs in Texas. A Florida man is now in jail for battery after throwing hot dogs and poking a gas station attendant with a corn dog. Surveillance video showed the man identified as Cavan McDaniel knocking down counter displays at the gas station. He then started...
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Buc-ee's is Ranked No.1 Gas Station in The U.S

I think we all saw this coming. According to a new study done by Gas Buddy the best reviewed gas station in the U.S. is Buc-ee's. The tech company compiled all of their costumer reviews and found the Texas based gas station to be the best. There are 6 category's the study was based on and Buc-ee's...
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People In Oregon Are Freaking Out Because They Now Have To Pump Their Own Gas, And It's Hilarious!

Up until recently, Oregon and New Jersey were the only states in the country which would not let you pump your own gas.
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