[Video] An Elephant Somehow Ended Up In The Lobby Of A Sri Lanka Hotel

Usually when people say “let’s talk about the elephant in the room,” they aren’t talking about an actual elephant. However, for one hotel in Sri Lanka, they really just wanted to talk about the elephant that had wondered into their lobby.
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Police Jokingly Offer To Help Dispose Of “Highly Addictive” Girl Scout Cookies

One of the most addicting substances is making its way back to the streets; Girl Scout cookies. As Girl Scouts begin to set up around the country to sell the beloved cookies, many are just hoping they can resist over buying this year.
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Jennifer Aniston Admits She Was Peer Pressured Into Joining Instagram In 2019

Jennifer Aniston joining Instagram was probably one of the biggest stories of 2019. While celebrities have flocked to the social media platforms for years, the actress stayed away preferring to keep some things private.
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Kate Beckinsale Thought A Photo Of Steven Tyler Was A Picture Herself

Most have experienced seeing an old photo of themselves and wondering, “who is that?” However, it’s pretty rare for someone to see a photo of another person and think it’s actually themselves.
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Georgia Had A Contest To Let People Come Up With Highway Safety Signs, And The Results Are Hilarious

Transportation Departments around the country are constantly looking for ways to get motorists to abide by the rules of the road. Every once in a while a funny and creative road sign gets the attention of drivers, but it still isn’t enough to prevent accidents.
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Meet Hulk, The Viral Puppy That Was Born Lime Green

When a North Carolina family recently was getting ready for their dog to give birth, they didn’t realize they were in for such a colorful surprise. Still, they were happy to find out nothing was wrong when one of the eight puppies came out like green.
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Burger King Offered Prince Harry And Meghan Markle “Part-Time Positions”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may be leaving the royal family, but a new crown is now being offered to the couple. As the fallout continues from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s shocking announcement, Burger King has reached out to the couple to offer them a new position.
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A Guest At Disneyland Was Actually Able To Remove Excalibur Sword From Stone

Anyone who has been to Disneyland has probably attempted to pull the sword stuck in the stone at King Arthur’s Carrousel. Well, it was recently reported that somehow Excalibur had been removed from the stone.
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Britney Spears Is Having Her First Ever Art Show Featuring Her Own Paintings

Britney Spears has accomplished many things throughout her career as a performer. She reached fame as a pop star, has appeared in movies and television, and helped change the industry with her Las Vegas residency shows.
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Nine-Month-Old Helps His Grandmother By “Doing Dishes” In Hilarious Viral Video

For some parents, it’s never too early to have their kid start working. For one mother, apparently nine months old is the perfect age to have a child start helping around the house. In a recent viral video, a mom shows her young child stationed at the sink, hilariously helping to wash dishes.
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