‘Frozen’ Animated Short on Disney+ to Explore Snowman Olaf’s Origins

This October, Disney+ is set to release ‘Once Upon a Snowman,’ a new animated short about the origins of Olaf, the summer-loving snowman from ‘Frozen.’
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'Frozen's Arendelle Is Coming to Disneyland Paris

European fans will soon get to hang out with Elsa, Anna, and Olaf because Arendelle is coming to Paris! “Frozen” Land, based on Disney’s successful “Frozen” franchise, is set to open in Disneyland Paris by 2023.
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2-Year-Old ‘Frozen’ Fan Goes Viral for Snowy Rendition of ‘Let It Go’

It’s never too early to show off your singing chops. 2-year-old Madelyn is no stranger to the indoor singalong when it comes to her favorite movie, “Frozen.” Her “Let It Go” moments usually happen in the comfort of her TV room, but a rare snowstorm in Texas allowed her to strut her stuff in a real...
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Village That Inspired 'Frozen' Is 'Overwhelmed' With Hordes of Tourists

These tourists just can’t “let it go.” An increase in tourism is usually a good thing, but when it comes to the tiny Austrian village of Hallstatt, the cons outweigh the pros. The once-peaceful lakeside village, with a population of 800, is now swarming with tourists after gaining notoriety as the...
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'Frozen 2' Makes Movie History as It Becomes Highest-Grossing Animated Film Ever

Disney will not “let it go” because it has officially earned the title of “highest-grossing animated film” with its latest offering, “Frozen 2.” The sequel iced out all the competition earning $1.33 billion worldwide. It skated right past the original 2013 Oscar-winning film, “Frozen,” bumping it...
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‘Frozen 2’ Breaks Records Scoring $127 Million at the Box Office

“Frozen 2” iced out all the competition at the box office. The Disney animated musical debuted at number one and earned a record-breaking $127 million in North America over the weekend, according to CNN . Check out this brand new clip from #Frozen2 and see #Anna , #Elsa , #Olaf , #KristoffAndSven...
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SCREENSHOTS: Disney Unveils Another Trailer for 'Frozen 2'

Forget letting it go – we’re hanging on for round two! “Frozen 2” is coming for us, and Disney has just released a new trailer for the film on Monday. Our favorite ice queen is back for more! While the first trailer for the upcoming movie was released in June , it didn’t give away nearly as many...
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Animal Clinic Miraculously Revives Cat Nearly Frozen To Death

Fluffy was found nearly frozen to death, covered from head to tail in ice and snow.
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It’s So Cold, Hell Has Frozen Over

It’s dangerously cold up in the Midwest.
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"Elsa" Arrested By Illinois Police For Bringing Subzero Temperatures To The Midwest

The Midwest has been hit by a colossal polar vortex that's dropping temperatures as low as -26.
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