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Used Tissues, Box, Wooden Table

Company Selling Used Tissues For $80 Claiming They Prevent The Flu

Nobody wants to get the flu, but are you willing to go this far to prevent it?
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17-Year-Old Dies Because Of The Flu, Part Of 40 Flu Deaths In Dallas County

Unfortunately two more flu deaths were confirmed today in Dallas County, which included a 17-year-old. This is Dallas County's first pediatric death. As the flu is spreading all across the country, it has already claimed 40 deaths alone in North Texas. An 81-year-old was among the deaths because of...
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CDC Officials Say The Flu Has Claimed 30 Children's Lives

As winter coming in strong this season, the flu epidemic has been spreading across the nation. The CDC says that 30 children have already died of the flu. Between Jan 6-13 alone, has already claimed 10 children deaths and others when the flu season started. As of Jan 13, lab-confirmed flu hospitals...
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