NASA Says A Woman Will Likely Be The First Person On Mars

Men may be from Mars, but a woman may just be the first person on the red planet. The head of NASA was being interviewed last week when he said most likely a female would be the first person to step foot on Mars.
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Female, Girl, Baseball Player, Bubble, Bubble Gum

Big League Chew To Feature Female Player On Package For First Time Ever

Everybody’s favorite chewing gum is receiving a historic makeover.
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Monkeys, Picking Ear

Female Monkeys Don't Trust Males, Even When They Know They're Right

A study conducted by St. Andrews University has found that female monkeys are hesitant to follow the example of males, even if they are aware they would benefit from doing so.
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Outrage Caused By Video From North Texas High School Targeting Girl's Dress Code

All over the country there have been several cases of high schools getting into hot water over dress codes and how it gets handled when administering punishment.
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Wallabies with Their Joey

Wallabies Seen Hopping Around Texas

A lady driving down the road in Brazoria County, caught footage of what looks like a kangaroo hopping along the street.
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PepsiCo Says "Lady-Doritos" Won't Be Happening After All

The company is now saying that they were never planning on making the so called "Lady-Doritos."
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Male Sexbots With AI And Working 'Parts' Might Be Available For Sale Sometime This Year

Fellas better step up your game!
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