Why Is Facebook Keen On Robots? It's Just The Future Of AI

Facebook announced several new hires of top academics in the field of artificial intelligence Tuesday, among them a roboticist known for her work at Disney making animated figures move in more human-like ways.
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[VIDEO] Lip Sync Battle Continues With A Furry Friend

I love this video!!!
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toys r us

This Picture Of Geoffrey The Giraffe Leaving Empty Toys R Us Will Get You In The Feels

This week Toys R Us posted a pic to their Facebook that could possibly be one of the most heartbreaking photos to our childhood.
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Facebook Announces End To Massive Drone Program

The social media giant announced on Tuesday that they will cancel their four year long Aquila program.
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[VIDEO] Fast Food Chain Fires Employee After Stirring Tea With Bare Hands

A video on social media has gone viral after an employee from Raising Cane's was stirring tea with her bare hand. The company took action after the video went on Facebook, having more than 2 million views. This happened at a Missouri store and both girls (one who was stirring and pouring into the...
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Algeria Shuts Off Their Internet Because Students Keep Cheating On Exams

Algeria has begun instituting nationwide internet blackouts in an effort to reduce cheating on exams.
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Signing Interpreter At Eminem Concert Slays 'Rap God' Verse

A video of a sign language interpreter during Eminem's set at the Firely Music Festival has gone viral this week.
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Little Boy Dancing At Field Day Goes Viral

So we're pretty convinced that there is no one around happier than this little boy that school is over!
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This Royal Wedding Quiz Could Put You At Risk For Identity Theft

Watch out for this new quiz making the rounds on social media.
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[VIDEO] Student Shoves Teacher During Class Because He Wanted His Phone Back

I'm just glad that the teacher played it cool
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