Elementary School Math Test Has The Internet Scratching Their Heads

The internet is going crazy about the incorrect answers on this elementary math test in Kentucky. Math grading today... I know, you believe that the student is correct, as I did, but the teacher said otherwise. As you see in the picture, the question asks you What is 5 x 3? Use the "repeated...
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"Schoolhouse Rock!" Composer Bob Dorough Dead At 94

An executive from a New York ad agency first approached musican and composer Bob Dorough in 1971.
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School In Utah Is Telling Students They Can't Say 'No' When Asked To Dance

A school in Utah is stirring up controversy this week when a new policy was implemented for their upcoming Valentine's Day dance telling kids that they do not have a choice with whom they can dance with. Sixth-graders at Kanesville Elementary School have been instructed they cannot refuse when...
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