El Paso

Lady Gaga, Red Carpet, Smiling, 91st Academy Awards, Award, 2019

Lady Gaga To Fund More Than 160 Classroom Projects In El Paso, Dayton, And Gilroy

Through her Born This Way foundation, Lady Gaga announced last Friday her intention to fully fund over 160 classroom projects in the three cities recently involved in mass shootings.
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Mark Hoppus

Blink-182 Was On Lock Down During El Paso Shooting

Mark Hoppus started tweeting during the shooting in El Paso. Mark said that he and his band mates were on lock down at their hotel.
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James Hetfield, Metallica, Singing, Concert, El Paso, Don Haskins Center, 2019

Metallica Performs Emotional “Here Comes Revenge” Live For The First Time Ever During Stop in Texas

Metallica wrote “Here Comes Revenge” for a couple whose young daughter, a Metallica super fan, was tragically killed by a drunk driver.
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Southwest Airlines Under Fire After Employee Mocks Child's Name

If you come across someone with an unusual name, its best not to mock them to their face, especially while working. One Southwest Airlines employee is learning that the hard way. A gate agent at a California airport has landed herself in hot water after ridiculing a child whose name is, Abcde.
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Dog, Owner, Hunting, Rifle, Pose, Good Boy

Dog Accidentally Shoots Owner In Bizarre Hunting Accident Near El Paso

74-year-old Sonny “Tex” Gilligan is still in recovery after a bizarre hunting accident left him with a bullet wound to the back.
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Mountain Lion, Big Kitty

Texas Zoo Sent Into Lockdown After Mountain Lion Wanders Inside

The El Paso Zoo was sent into a panic after a lion was spotted wandering around the grounds.
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UT Arlington Doctoral Student Drowned Over The Weekend

A very sad weekend indeed
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Gross! El Paso Is Getting Ready To Start Drinking Their Own Sewage

Dear Lord in heaven! There's a chance that one day soon, hopefully way in the future, that we could be drinking our own waste!
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Surgeons in Texas Successfully Regrew an Ear on a Patients Forearm

Surgeons in El Paso grew a patients ear in her forearm and have reattached it to her head.
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