Leonard Nimoy, Spock, Red Carpet, Star Trek Into Darkness, Premiere, 2013, Vulcan Hand Sign

Bank Of Canada Asks "Star Trek" Fans To Stop Drawing Spock On Their $5 Bills

"Star Trek" fans in Canada are having a little too much fun with their $5 bills.
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Dad Creates Real Life Pictures Of His Kid's Drawings Which Are Hilarious And A Little Bit Scary

Let's be real, kids can draw some pretty crazy things. While most parents won't admit it, there are times where you smile like you know what it is, but really deep down inside you have no clue what you're looking at.
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Kids Struggling To Write With Pencils Due To Excessive Use Of Tablets

Ok. We have officially gone too far.
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People Are Having a Hard Time Spotting a Heart in This Viral Valentine's Brain Teaser

A carefully placed heart in this brain teaser is driving everyone crazy.
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World's Worst Police Sketch Actually Leads To Suspect's Arrest

All police had to go on was a crudely drawn sketch of the suspect from a witness.
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