This Dog Trying To Weigh Itself On A Scale Is Everything

We feel like this sometimes...
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Japanese Train Outfitted To Bark Like A Dog To Avoid Animal Collisions

Officials from the Railway Technical Research Institute are adamant that the trains will only bark in areas where deer are commonly seen, and are not as densely populated by humans living by the tracks.
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Dog Found Miles Away After Being Snatched Up By An Eagle

For those with small dogs, know the skies are dangerous. Earlier in the week a family pet was snatched up by an eagle in Pennsylvania. Felipe Rodriguez was watching his sisters dog when he heard a loud screech and saw their little 8 pound bichon frise, Zoey be scooped up by an eagle and disappear...
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Woman Crashes Car Into Home After Dog Leaps Into Her Lap Trying To Eat Her Sandwich

You're driving a car....while eating food....while your hungry pooch is sitting in the backseat waiting to strike. It certainly sounds like a recipe for disaster.
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