A  Golden Retriever

FedEx Driver Found Lost Dog, Returns Her Home In Special Delivery

A FedEx driver went the extra mile to reunite a dog with her owners.
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People Are Loving This Puppy That Looks Like a Cat-Dog Hybrid

You finally don’t have to decide whether you like cats or dogs more. The internet is going nuts for a puppy in Vietnam named Dúi, who people say looks like a cat and dog cloned together.
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Adorable Photo Of A Three Year Old Boy And His Dog Standing In Timeout Together Goes Viral

Even at their worst, a dog will always stand by its owner’s side. That was proven recently when a photo of a three year old boy in timeout with his dog went viral. As the boy stood with his face against the wall, his dog went and stood by his side to keep him company.
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Photo Of Dog Keeping 3-Year-Old Boy Company During Time-Out Is Priceless

Dash the dog didn't want Peyton to serve time alone.
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[Video] Dog At Texas Starbucks Gets Way Too Excited Waiting For Puppuccino In Drive Thru

No one likes waiting in a drive thru line, especially when it’s for their morning coffee. However, no reaction to finally getting their Starbucks can top that of this dog in Texas. In the now viral video, the dog can be seen jumping out of the car window, trying to get their Starbucks Puppuccino.
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Dog Shows Up To Texas Police Station To Report Itself Missing

A missing dog can be terrifying for their owners, but luckily for one family in Texas, their dog solved the lost dog case all by itself. Police in Odessa were shocked recently when a dog strolled into their station, and hopped up on the counter to report a missing dog.
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[Video] Dog Goes Viral For Knowing How To Play Connect 4

Every dog owner likes to show off the tricks they trained their dogs to do with ease, but after seeing this they probably won’t be bragging about their pet’s abilities any time soon. A dog in Toronto has gone viral for its ability to play the classic Hasbro game, Connect 4.
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[Video] Dog Runs On Soccer Field Momentarily Stopping Game In Most Adorable Way

When a fan runs on to the field during a sporting event, the game is stopped for safety, but when a dog manages to get on the field the game is stopped because it’s too adorable to keep playing.
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[Video] After Almost A Year In Space, Astronaut Christina Koch Reunites With Her Dog

Spending just a few hours away from their dog can be difficult for any canine lover, but not being able to see your dog for almost a year seems torturous. However, that’s what astronaut Christina Koch has been dealing with after spending the last 328 at the International Space Station.
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Dog in the car

Uber Testing New Feature In Dallas That Lets Your Pets Ride With You

Uber riders in Dallas can select a new pet option when booking a ride for you and your pet.
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