Uber and Lyft

Lyft Driver Puts Up Plastic Barrier To Protect Themselves From Contagious Passengers

A rideshare passenger posted a video of the plastic barrier their driver made to protect themselves from the Coronavirus.
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Dill, Flowers, and Cucumbers

You Can Order This DIY Pickle Bouquet For Valentines Day

You can order Grillo’s Pickles DIY Pickle Bouquet for Valentine’s Day for that special someone who just loves them some pickles.
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Woman Turns Tree Stump Into Charming Little Free Library

For some people having a tree stump can be a pesky problem.
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Man Blows Up Backyard To Fight Off Roaches

It's no secret that roaches can be one of the most annoying pests to get rid of.
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The Rock on the University of Tennessee campus painted with the t-shirt design created by a Florida boy

UT Offers Scholarship To Bullied Boy For His Shirt Design

A Florida boy was bullied for his homemade Tennessee shirt has been offered a full scholarship for his DIY design.
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Scraping Ice

[VIDEO] Dad Uses Son To Scrape Snow Off Of His Car

A dad got creative and used his son to help clean off all the snow from their car.
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pine needles

Hilarious DIY IKEA Christmas Tree Goes Viral

Is the world ready for a DIY Christmas tree? The answer is no, only because in this situation you have to glue on each and every single pine needle on at a time!
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