Titanic, Ship, Ocean, Iceberg, 3D Render

The Ocean Floor Is Steadily Swallowing The Titanic

The RMS Titanic sunk into the Atlantic Ocean in the early morning hours on April 15, 1912.
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Driving Lesson, Student, Car

Car Ends Up In The Pool After Driving Lesson Goes Very, Very Wrong

A driving lesson in Maryland went very, very wrong, as if the car in the pool didn't tell you that already.
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Humpback Whale Saves Diver From Tiger Shark

A marine biologist who went diving in the South Pacific has a lot to be thankful for. Nan Hauser and her team were diving near the Cook Islands when she filmed a 50,000-pound humpback whale use its own head to push the biologist out of the way from a large tiger shark! “I wasn’t sure what the whale...
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