Police Dog, Vest, German Shepherd

We Can't Stop Watching This Police Dog Learning To Perform CPR

It's not customary to request certain police officers to assist you in times of peril, but if we had the choice, we'd want Officer Poncho every time.
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Ballet, Shoes, Pointe

Father Dances With Nervous Daughter On Stage During Ballet Recital (Video)

Marc Daniels' daughter Bella got a little stage fright during her ballet recital a couple of days ago.
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Dad,Cute,Lunch,Drawings,Daughter,Japan,Viral,Bento,Pictures,100.3 Jack FM

Dad Turns Daughter's Drawings Into Adorable Meals

Check out these wonderfully creative takes on a child's drawings.
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Dog,Video,Cute,Protects,Owner,Hangover,Street,Sleeping,100.3 Jack FM

[VIDEO] Loyal Dog Protects Owner While He Sleeps Off Hangover In The Middle Of The Street

This adorable dog will not let anyone wake his owner up.
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Happy, Dogs, Smiling

Group Of Pups At Doggie Day Care Pose For The World's Greatest Selfie

Step aside, Ellen. Your selfie at the 86th Academy Awards was great, but there is a new standard for amazing selfies that all will strive to match.
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Google, Street View, Camera, Car

Dog Becomes Instant Star After Being Photographed Chasing Down Google Street View Car

A dog in Japan has become an instant celebrity after a Google Street View car captured of the images to the dog chasing the vehicle throughout Kumage, in Japan’s Kagoshima Prefecture.
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[VIDEO] Puppy Sits On Baby's Lap And Has Twitter Going "Aww"

my heart ------ — judge me (@Judgment) April 9, 2018 This is probably the cutuest thing you'll ever see today! Something to kick start your week on a positive note. The puppy, as seen on the video, goes to where the baby is and just sits on his lap. The video has gone...
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DMX, Rap, Excited Woman

Adorable Toddler Raps DMX While Doing Chores (Video)

Ok. Who taught this 3-year-old DMX?
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This Teenie Tiny Cannon Is Powerful Enough To Blow A Hole Through A Pepsi Can

Everything is so much cuter when it comes in miniature. Even this somewhat deadly cannon. Ok, so it might not kill you, but it will definitely shoot your eye out.
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Watch This 93-Year-Old Woman Absolutely Kill Her Exercise Routine

Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.
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