Music Industry Reportedly Considering 'Bubble Festivals' For 2021-2022

With the myriad of health risks related to gatherings of large crowds, music industry officials are now reportedly considering a similar model to professional sports for concerts and festivals in 2021 and 2022.
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Top Live Music Exec Suggests That Concerts Won't Return Until 2022

Geiger said in his opinion concerts won’t return until 2022. Noting that there are probably “20 roadblocks” in the way such as the virus itself, spacing, density, and insurance.
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New Coronavirus Risk Chart Suggests Going to Bars Is as Risky as Going to a Big Concert

The Texas Medical Association has published a chart that breaks down the riskiest and safest activities when it comes to contracting COVID-19.
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Bon Jovi Bounce Back

Bon Jovi Total Request Hour!

Tune in immediately following the Bon Jovi show for an ALL Bon Jovi total request hour with Angela Chase. Get your requests in now on facebook & twitter, or call Angela tonight at 214-787-1003.
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If Listening To Music Sends Chills Down Your Spine, Then Your Brain Is Special!

Music has the incredible power to illicit a reaction from your body, sending a rush of euphoria and chills down your spine anytime your favorite song comes on the radio.
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